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About Hilary

Hilary Pearl is the founder of Pearl Associates, a full service business development firm based in Greenwich, CT. 


Hilary has more than 20 years of experience enhancing the performance of individual executives, teams, and organizations. Her experience encompasses a wide range of programs and initiatives for leadership development, change management, organization design, team building, executive coaching, human resource planning, and 360 feedback and facilitation. 


She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Masters in Communication from Boston University. Her practical approach to leadership and organization issues was developed during her 10 years at PepsiCo, Inc., where Hilary served as Director of Human Resource Development. Her responsibilities included training, human resources planning, and executive development, and succession. She also served as Manager of Training as well as Director of Staffing at PepsiCo. 


Prior to her time with PepsiCo, Hilary worked in both publishing and advertising and was the head of Editorial, Design, and Production as well as a Group Product Manager at The Forum Corporation, a sales training and human resources consulting firm.


Hilary uses a variety of tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Lominger International’s competencies, Leadership Architect tools, customized proprietary individual and team 360s, and organizational surveys. Hilary’s approach always prioritizes the individual's personality, capabilities, goals, and perspectives. No two clients are alike. 

Meet the Associates

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Laura Daley

Consultant, Specialty: Communications

Laura Daley has 22 years of experience in the design and facilitation of skill development change efforts and seven years of practical management experience in the financial services industry. Her expertise includes employee engagement, presentation skills, leadership, sales, coaching, personal branding, problem-solving, sales management, negotiation, and networking. She has helped over 10,000 people enhance their communications impact and therefore succeed in the workplace.

Laura received a Bachelor of Arts from Curry College where she was a double major in psychology and education. She spent six years studying education, marketing and business administration at the graduate level. 

Prior to consulting, Laura spent seven years with Citibank in sales, sales management, and operations management positions. She was responsible for selling, managing, motivating, hiring, coaching, and tracking performance. Additionally, Laura spent two years with Communispond Inc., working with executives on their stand up presentation skills.

Laura recently founded and is Co-President of The Wonder Women, LLC, a nonprofit organization designed to recognize and inspire ordinary women for their extraordinary acts.

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Ben Dattner

Consultant, Specialty: Individual and Organizational Development

Ben Dattner has experience coaching corporate and nonprofit clients, applying psychology principles to understand group dynamics in the workplace. 


Ben received a BA in Psychology from Harvard College. He received his MA and PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from New York University, where he was a MacCracken Fellow. His doctoral dissertation analyzed the relationship between narcissism and fairness in the workplace and his masters thesis examined the impact of trust on negotiation. 


In his early career, Ben worked at Republic National Bank of New York, first as a Management Trainee and then as Assistant to the CEO. After receiving his graduate degrees, Ben served as Director of Human Resources at


Ben is an Adjunct Professor at New York University in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and at Stern Business School. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Maris College at the New York City Police Academy.

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John Pearl

Consultant, Specialty: Broad-Scale Organization Transformation

John Pearl has been a Senior International Human Resources Executive and Consultant for more than 30 years. He has worked with primarily global organizations in various industries including retail, consumer products, technology, airlines, and communications. 


John’s specialty lies in broad-scale organizational transformation through the development of human resource systems that drive company culture. 


John received an MBA from Seton Hall University and graduated from its law school. He now coaches MBAs and EMBAs at Columbia Business School.


John has served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for PepsiCo International and Group Human Resources Director for Dairy Farm, the retail operating holding of Jardine Matheson. During his tenure with Jardine, he lived in Hong Kong and worked throughout Asia. 


As the SVP of HR at PepsiCo International, John led the effort to staff and develop a world-class management team with global reach. Today, many of the executives he recruited are senior leaders at PepsiCo or CEO's of major international companies. John was recognized as a major contributor to the growth of PepsiCo's international business and personally led the effort to create a cross-cultural management organization that embraced 150 countries worldwide.

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Rolla Khaddage

Consultant, Specialty: Empowerment and Confidence

Rolla Khaddage is the founder of Shining Within and certified Woman Empowerment and Confidence Life coach and trainer. She focuses on helping women develop skills aligned with their values and purpose. Through her journey and career experiences, she's cultivated the expertise to guide women in building resilience—assisting them in navigating self-doubt and fears while boosting both self and social confidence.

With over 30 years in various leadership roles, including positions as a school leader and international trainer with esteemed institutions like the British Council, she had the opportunity to train and coach over 500 school leaders, 200 trainers, and 1000 teachers in crucial areas like leadership skills, life skills, inclusion, and gender equality.


She has worked with people from the Middle East, Far East, Asia, and Africa, creating inclusive spaces. Today, through her coaching business, she is here to support women from all backgrounds in navigating their personal and professional challenges. Her focus is on developing resilience, building confidence and unlocking true potential.

Rolla received a Bachelor’s degree from The American University of Beirut and a Master’s degree in School Leadership and Management. She is also received an intensive training in Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills, is a Certified Women Empowerment and Confidence Life Coach by Symbiosis, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is an ICF member, expecting to receive Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentials in early 2024.


In the Press

“For women, whether extroverted or introverted, even if they intellectually understand that they need to, often don’t believe on principle they should have to self-promote or actively manage their careers to get ahead.”
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