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Team Alignment

Client: Investment Bank

We were hired by an investment bank, which had gone through a complicated merger. There were three distinct cultures within the organization and the industry was changing with an emphasis on algo trading.

We designed an offsite meeting where the participants were all traders, but were not necessarily a formally hierarchical team, about 30 executives in all. Individual interviews showed in living color the issues: unhealthy rivalry, poor communication and lack of teamwork.

At the offsite, participants received their Myers Briggs report, which they reviewed with others. The group created specific actions that must be taken to improve their team effectiveness. A visioning activity helped the group anticipate and plan for future business strategies.

We built in a lot of conversation, brainstorming, and small group exercises, so that the group was doing the work and it was hard, but fun. The client reported stronger teamwork and much better communication as a result--in other words, better efficiency, better productivity, better results.

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