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Executive Coaching

Client: Technology Company

I was hired by a multinational technology company to coach a high performing senior executive whose iconoclastic and mercurial style had spurred complaints from employees. We took time to understand his background, upbringing, and values. He took several self assessments which provided further information on his personality strengths, risks, and motives. Interviews with employees provided a vivid picture of behaviors and outcomes. He was shocked by the data and I worked with him to understand and accept how his behaviors were perceived.

We worked together to create a new “personal brand,” reflecting the values of the company and how he wanted to be viewed as a leader. We created a specific Action Plan outlining specific opportunities for him to reflect this revised brand in a consistent manner. We held him accountable for adhering to the plan through follow up meetings and ongoing progress assessments including meetings with him and his boss. He held meetings with individuals and teams, sometimes to apologize, sometimes to share the interview data and get input. He became highly motivated and dedicated to improving his management style, displaying measurable growth.

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